visual arts



These are business entities, organizations or individuals who use copyright or protected works in their business operations.

Sale of artistic works

Craft shops, any business entity or individual that displays artistic works for the purpose of sale, shall provide COSBOTS with a list of works for sale and the authors therefore.

Public Display / Exhibitors Works

Business entities, organizations or individuals who exhibit or display artistic works to the public for a fee shall inform COSBOTS of its intention at least 2 weeks prior to the exhibition and provide a list of artistic works to be exhibited.

Reprographic Reproduction Rights

COSBOTS started the reprography section in 2016. Many reprographic rights organisations derive their mandates through authors’ and Publishers’ associations which in turn hold mandates from their members. In this case the partaking authors’ and publishers’ organizations become members of COSBOTS unlike with music where individual creators apply for membership.

• “Photograph” includes photolithograph and other work produced by any process analogous to photography but does not include any part of an audio-visual work;
• “Literary work”, irrespective of literary quality, includes any of the following…
• Novels, stories or poetry works;
• Plays, stage directions, film scenarios or broadcasting scripts;
• Textbooks, treatises, histories, biographies, essays or articles;
• Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, or anthologies;
• Letters, reports or memoranda;
• Lectures, addresses or sermons;
• Computer programmes and,
• Compilation of data or other material

In relation to a literary work, whether in a non-dramatic form or in a dramatic form, means…

1. A translation of the work, including in relation to a computer programme, a version of the programme in which it is converted into or out of a computer language or code or into a different computer language or code;

2. A version of the work in which the story or action is conveyed solely or principally by means of pictures;

3. In relation to a computer programme or a compilation of data, a rearrangement or altered version of the original programme or compilation; or
“Artistic work”, irrespective of artistic quality, includes__
• Etchings paintings, drawings, sketches, lither crafts,
• Short title and commencement Interpretation woodcrafts, engravings, etching, products of photographs and prints;
• Photographs;
• Maps, plans, charts or diagrams;
• Sculptures;
• Work of architecture in the form of buildings or models; and
• Work of applied art, whether handicraft or produced on an industrial scale;